Your. Next. Home.
Ultra-warm, energy-efficient, modern, factory house. On your territory in 8 weeks.
Off grid Energy
Modern Architecture
Energy-efficient A++ Class House
Production in the factory up to 8 weeks
Seismic resistance due to durable steel frame
Fully assembled at our professional factory
According to top level standards and 9001/27001
Choose your house model and configure options
And after 4-8 weeks, celebrate housewarming with your family and friends
Watch online how your MODODOMUS is produced
Delivery Of a Fully Finished House
MODODOMUS are completely finished, modern houses from 15 to 288 m2, which are entirely manufactured in the factory. With finishes including tiles, fixtures, plumbing, windows, doors, flooring, ventilation, electrical, water, and heating.
MODODOMUS is delivered to your building land ready -made, installed and connected to the utilities in a few days.
Modern modular
flat roof architecture
Everything you wanted - anthracite facades combined with natural wood, a flat roof, large panoramic windows with access to the terrace, pergola, facade lighting and the right choice of materials, with which we ensure that the house does not overheat or high humidity
Know How
special tech
Seismic resistant house
with a steel "spine"
that will last up to 150 years
Our own development steel, reliable and durable frame

Not afraid of earthquakes and soil subsidence, withstands heavy loads, does not rot, can be transported from place to place
MODODOMUS can be absolutely self-sustainable and off-the-grid. This home doesn't need to be connected to electricity, water, or sewage. No propane tanks, no firewood.Water tanks, solar energy battery storage, and autonomous sewage all come with the house. So, it is possible to live in any location you have ever dreamed of
Off-the-grid MODODOMUS
MODODOMUS has everything you need for living. And at the same time nothing superfluous. This is a space for you, a space that fills you with energy and meaning. Just live, here and now. Kiss your dream. MODODOMUS has thought out the functionality of layouts where every square centimeter is used, at home
Thoughtful layouts and modern design
without having to open windows
Fresh air is always in the house
MODODOMUS has a recuperative ventilation system that provides a constant supply of fresh air without the need to open windows.
Installing a house on any foundation
The design of the modules and installation features allow you to install the house on any type of foundation - pile, strip, slab. The main thing is that the foundation is even.
for any purpose
3 series
Flat houses
Tiny houses
1 bathroom(s)
1 bedroom(s)
32 m²
1 bedroom(s)
1 bathroom(s)
48 m²
1 bedroom(s)
1 bathroom(s)
64 m²
1 bedroom(s)
1 bathroom(s)
54 m²
1 bedroom(s)
1 bathroom(s)
89 m²
2 bedroom(s)
1 bathroom(s)
96 m²
3 bedroom(s)
2 bathroom(s)
144 m²
3 bedroom(s)
3 bathroom(s)
77 m²
192 Flat
3 bedroom(s)
4 bathroom(s)
192 m²
4 bedroom(s)
3 bathroom(s)
96 m²
4 bedroom(s)
3 bathroom(s)
143 m²

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