299 500 €
218 700 €
MD 155
m² area
A well-thought-out layout
Where every square centimeter is used
Children's room 10 м²
Bathroom 2.7 м²
Kitchen-living room 37.4 м²
Terrace 13.3 м²
Master bedroom 16.4 м²
Санузел 7.3 м²
58,3 м²
Спальня 17 м²
Спальня 17 м²
Гардероб 6.4 м²
Кладовая 4.1 м²
Hallway 8.9 м²
Children's room 10.4 м²
Laundry 2.3 м²
Closet 4.3 м²
Bathroom 9.4 м²
Bathroom 3.6 м²
96.4 м²
132.5 м²
13.3 м²
2.6 м
14.6 м
6.6 м
3.5 м
House Size
Building area
Heated area
Terrace area
Ceiling Height
Modern module architecture with flat roof
Just the way you wanted - anthracite facades combined with natural wood, flat roof, large panoramic windows with access to the terrace, pergola, facade lighting and the right choice of materials to ensure that the house does not overheat or create high humidity
Modern Interior Design
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environmentally friendly house
The house is built from harmless to human health, certified materials and does not harm the environment.

We do not use sip-panels!
A house with a steel "spine" with life time up to 150 years
Our own development of steel, reliable and durable frame

Not afraid of earthquakes and subsidence, can withstand heavy loads, not subject to rot, can be transported from place to place

The service life of steel frame up to 150 years (while the average life of wood is 50-70 years).
An energy-efficient home through airtight construction
MODODOMUS Modern House combines the "Passiv House" concept, allowing you to live in comfort at any time of the year and anywhere in the world. Our modern houses allow you to save energy even in the most extreme weather conditions.
It is possible to install the house on any foundation
MODOMUS is a non-capital construction, its installation does not require a building permit, and the design of modules and features of installation allow you to install the house on any type of foundation - pile, strip, slab. The main thing is that the foundation must be level and the communications must be brought out to the points specified by us.
60 days
Availability date depends on queue and production load. Please call for actual dates:

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